A shadowed moment

The first two weeks after I quit my high demand, low-paying job, I felt liberated. It felt great not answering to anyone or sitting behind a desk second guessing my correct decision to do something. I can be me and be fine. I will find a great job. This time I will take my time... Continue Reading →

24 YEARS single life to Finding LOVE

Where was I when I fell in love? What did I feel? Let me start off by saying... Like every woman out there I dreamt of finding true love with a prince. I prayed and wished upon a star for the man of my dreams to find me and whisk me away to happily ever... Continue Reading →

4 things I learned about blessing someone I hate

About a month ago, right before father's day, I shared with you my reluctance to celebrate my dad and the reasons why. If you haven't read it, you can read it here.    I was reluctant to gift my dad this past father's day for many reasons. One of the biggest reasons is that I... Continue Reading →

Why God shows mercy when we’re undeserving

Have you ever have times when you are unrelenting and unforgiving towards someone who hurt you or someone close to you? For me, there are more times than I can remember and recount. When someone close to me says something that hurt me, my pride, who I am and they insist they are right and... Continue Reading →

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