A date with God

Are you dreading the lonely feeling of being single and alone on Valentine’s Day?

I did too when I was single. I pretended that Valentine’s Day was just another day, and it was, but I couldn’t help noticing the extra love floating around me. Extra materialistic love. I wanted that. I thought that was love. I yearned for it. I never had anyone spend time with me out of love or spend money on things I want out of love. So I want it all. I mean, who doesn’t want to be loved?

Love is more than the material things we get from others. Love is us giving to those we love and not expecting it to be returned. 

Love is God. God is love. 

“Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.” 

– John 4:8

This Valentine’s Day, spend it with God. Have a date with God.

Sounds silly, no? No, it is not silly at all. Having a date with God should be a regular thing, but some of us just don’t do it. We settle for morning prayers, bedtime prayers, and occasional Bible reading. We don’t spend quality time with God. We don’t allow God to talk to us, we speak over His voice and miss opportunities for a deeper relationship with Him.

Spend quality time with God. 

“We love because He first loved us.” 

– 1 John 4:19

He first loved us when we were created and He continues to love us. He speaks our love languages and speaks the one we need during different times in our lives: 

Quality time: He spends quality time with us when we need Him when we call out to Him. Through prayers, He’s there listening to our needs, answering our doubts, comforting us when we are fearful. Never is there a time we think about God that He didn’t hear that tiny whisper in our mind reaching for Him. He embraces us.

Physical touch: He sends His Holy Spirit to dwell within us so we are never alone -> He is physically touching our hearts with the Holy Spirit. He sends people into our lives so we are never alone and always get hugs when we need it most. 

Acts of service: God answers our needs whether we knew we had a need or not. This is God’s act of service, a blessing to us. Isn’t it a blessing when God sends someone into our lives to complete a chore we did not want to do but needed to have done? 

“Take delight in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.” 

– Psalm 37:4

Gift giving: He gives us gifts. The people we love, the people who enter our lives to love us. When He sends financial help from sources unbeknownst to us. When we get job offers we didn’t realize we can get. Those are gifts from Him.

Words of affirmation: He tells us daily that He loves us. We hear it through the Bible. We hear it from Christian songs. We hear it through testimonies. We hear it through the answers to our prayers that He loves us, He’s here for us, He never leaves us, He will always support us.

Each and every single day God shows us His love, answering our desire for love in more ways than the 5 love languages above. He desires to walk with us and continue to shower us with love. Isn’t it time to reciprocate?

“Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.” 

– 1 John 3:18

Isn’t it time to say “I love you” and show it by spending quality time on Valentine’s Day with God when everyone else is looking for worldly love? Look to God for eternal love.

How will dating God on Valentine’s Day help you with being single on a love day? 

  1. You won’t be single. You’ll have a date that focuses on you and your needs without distraction.
  2. You’ll strengthen your relationship with the One who knows you better than yourself. Open your heart & mind to hear His responses to you.
  3. You’ll begin to realize that you do not need anyone else in your life -> a self-discovery that will make complete sense to you because God will show it to you.

Some ideas for your date with God:

  1. Take a walk at the park, talk to Him during your walk. Share with Him your dreams and aspiration, your fears and doubts, your determination to make it happen. 
  2. In the privacy of your car, bedroom, living room, or wherever you have privacy, sing songs of worship and praise to Him. Connect your heart to His through songs. Hear His voice speaking to you and respond.
  3. Take a road trip with God and just praise Him. Tell Him of the things you know about Him and how comforting it is to know that about Him. Ask Him to reveal more of Himself to you. Then share yourself with Him. Yes, He already knows everything you have to say, but tell Him anyway. It’ll make you feel better and closer to Him when you verbalize all that is in your heart.

Although these are tips for a date with God on Valentine’s Day, it is good practice to keep it going at least once a month to have a deep connection with God. Whether you are single or a couple, having quality time alone with God will deepen your relationship and understanding of who God is.

Take this Valentine’s Day, you who are single and searching, to search for God who already loves you and is waiting for you.

6 thoughts on “A date with God

  1. Vangelina, first can I say I LOVE your name! So beautiful! I love this post so much! I feel the Lord’s heart and your heart. God’s love has truly set me free. Happy Valentine’s Day sweet Sister … 🙏❤


  2. I absolutely love this post. So many true points. In singleness, I’m dating, or even in marriage this applies. Above anyone else, we should be seeking a stronger relationship with Jesus! I love how you broke this post down into how God meets us at our love languages.


    1. Hi Shara, thank you for your feedback.

      Spending alone time with God and getting to know Him should be our daily goal regardless of our station in life. I think it is especially hard during Valentine’s Day when we look to have a partner next to us like everyone else that we should first look to God.


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