Prayer Tracking

How do you keep track of the prayers you’ve prayed? How do you know when your prayers have been answered?

I pray and have repeated prayers, but I sometimes forget what I asked for and I do not know if it’s been answered. I find it hard to recognize when God answered me.

It’s important to be conscious of what you asked and be aware of when God answers your prayers. Being present when the Lord answers your prayers boosts your level of confidence in God, improves your enthusiasm for prayer and builds your relationship with God. No matter how big or small your asks, having it answered will give you happiness and re-enforces the fact that God listens. 

How am I redeeming my lack of remembrance of my prayers for 2020? 

It started with 2019 Christmas, it gave me a new vision of what I should do to remember Christ and His birth and sacrifice that saved me. (Ok, where is this going? How does it relate to prayers? I’ll get there in just a moment). Every Christmas, I spend the entire month thinking about the Christmas dinner menu, the gifts I want to purchase (I do a lot of research before buying my gifts). I spend so much time worrying about things that really have nothing to do with what Christmas is all about. And then the Christmas tree hit me (not literally). I always struggle with the decorations and how I want my Christmas Tree to be beautifully decorated. Again, not Christ-related. That’s when I realized I needed to slow down and infuse my Christmas with more of Jesus. The reason for the season.

I thought about it and I really want to keep the tree, but I want the tree to remind me of Christ and not the commercialized Christmas of gift-giving and Santa Claus. What would remind me about Christ if I look at the tree? I wanted to recognize His sacrifice to unite us with the Father. I wanted to be reminded of the blessings I received because of that sacrifice. So, I wrote down the prayers that God answered. They are a testimony of the relationship I am able to have with God because of Jesus’s birth and death to redeem me. 

I cut up cardstock paper and decorated them into ornaments, then I wrote my prayers on them. I hung my prayer ornaments on the tree and remember why I am so blessed every day – because Christ was born as a sacrificial lamb. 

This was the reason I decided to keep track of my prayers: I was disappointed when I realized I only remember recent answered prayers (and I’m sure I missed other ones as well). That’s when I decided to (I’m so excited to share this with you) keep a prayer journal (scrapbook prayer journal really). That is when I hung one clear ornament holding my prayers for 2020 to start of my prayer journal. 

When Christmas ended I removed the ornaments and saved them in my 2020 prayer journal. See the picture below.

Moving forward with 2020, the left side will contain prayers I’ve prayed. The written prayers will contain only the main points (in bullets or short sentences). They will be moved to the right side as God answers them. This way I will remember my asks and be conscious of my life events when God grants my requests.

Come Christmas 2020, I will have a tree full of answered prayers. Every day, I will see the wonders God has performed in my life.

Great project for you and the kid(s):

If you have kids, this could be a great project to do with your children daily, weekly or once a month. Come together with your child(ren) and each of you decorate an ornament with the prayer you have. (I use cardstock because it’s easier and fits my crafting style. You can use whatever material fits you best, i.e. writing on burlap ribbons, writing on a piece of paper and putting it into a decorative clear ornament, etc). It’ll also serve as a reminder to pray your prayer and keep a close eye on when it’s answered. This will give your child(ren) something tangible to hold onto when they think of Jesus. What’s great is that when the prayer is answered, they’ll know that they prayed and God answered. The proof is in the ornament they designed.

When Christmas time comes, how awesome would it be for your child to see the blessings God gave them throughout the year! It will be a great reminder that we are able to go to God because He sent His son to die for our sins and connect us back to the Father.

I don’t know if this counts as a new year’s resolution but Christmas 2019 has me excited for more of God and how He answers prayers in 2020!

How do you keep track of your prayers?

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