What are hands for?

I wrote this poem a while back when I was thinking about human body parts and how we use them. I saw how we can love with our bodies and how we can also hate with our bodies. I’ve experienced a little bit of both and witnessed a lot of both.


I melt at the love I see and I envy the love I see people express to each other. That is the world I want to live in. That’s the only world I want to see. It is safe, wonderful, peaceful, joyful… it’s an emotion that is bottomless happiness.


Growing up, love didn’t exist in my life… and if it had, it was such a small essence that just confused the environment I lived in – like, was that just a trick? I saw a lot of hurt. I heard painful sobs in the middle of the night from my bedroom. My heart would throb, my throat would close up in fear– I could hardly breathe. I didn’t want to acknowledge the endless days and nights living in fear as I hid under my blankets at the tender age of 10.


This poem is composed of questions and answers of both love and hate. It wasn’t until I wrote and read the poem did I realize how horribly we can use our body parts. It hurts me, but the dark side is also the truth that I don’t want to see but need to. I cry for people who are experiencing this situation (If you are in a dark place right now, please seek help. There are people who truly cares for your well-being).


What are hands for?


what are hands and arms for?

to love, to hold, and to caress

(to slap you across the face in my anger)

to dry your tears

(to shove you across the room)

to hug into laughter

(to break your limbs, making the fear in your eyes blur 

with tears)


what are feet for?

    (to kick you to the ground)

To walk beside you, to you

            (to stomp on you while you lay there on the floor)

To take you places

                (to walk away from you)

To run to you

        (to leave you to slowly wither away in your pain)

To bring me closer to you


what are mouths for?

to tell you “I love you!”

(to curse you)

to say, “You can do it!”

(to spit at your eager face)

to kiss you goodnight

(filled with dreams, leaving you broken spirit)


what are eyes for?

to tell you without words

    “I love you”

                    (to glare at you)

(“You’re despicable”)

to show you without fail

You’re the love of my heart

(to make you see the hatred I feel)

(You are a piece of trash)

Through these eyes, see

the light shining your path

(Through these hot eyes, see my burning rage)

(squashing any happiness you feel)

without a doubt the love

without a doubt, letting you see

my soul, my heart

(without so much as a word to you)

(just the feel of contempt in my eyes)

(the black hole in my heart, you see)

        (swarming to consume you in darkness)

free and ensnared by you



for all eternity                                                                                                                                        (for all eternity)


“Your right hand, Lord, was majestic in power. Your right hand, Lord, shattered the enemy.” – Exodus 15:6, NIV

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