I was thinking about words of encouragement for the month of August. What do I need to focus on in August? Something that will change my life for the better and something that I really want to do. The normal question “what are you grateful for” entered my thoughts. Yes, that’s something I want to think about, but I need MORE.

I thought about God, about what He’s done in my life and what He will continue to do and I thought, what can I do for God? Really, there isn’t anything I can do. He doesn’t need anything from me. Then the word rejoice, rejoice, rejoice filled my head.


Let’s receive the new month with joy and rejoice in all that He’s done for us.


Besides being alive, I’ve been saved. I think back to a time when I didn’t know God and how my life was. I had no one to lean on, no love, and every emotion was tightly wrapped in my heart. I was so alone and yet I live. Looking back, I see all the ways God walked with me during those dark times. He lifted me and held me when the hurt flooded me. I couldn’t breathe and had moments I imagined what would happen if I was no longer alive. It was tempting, but I held on; something held me back from ever seriously thinking about hurting myself.

I shall live my life rejoicing in the Lord. It will be hard because it has been a while since I simply rejoice in Him. So this month I am challenging myself to rejoice every day in the life I am given.

Join me in focusing on rejoicing in the Lord this month. Praise God and rejoice in the gifts He gives you every day, even when it’s rough. Focus on your joy in God instead of wallowing in whatever situation you are in that takes that joy away. You will see a positive change in your life, I promise you that. I have seen the changes in my life when I rejoiced in God and focused on Him. I plan to return to better days of rejoicing God.

Let’s take this journey together, and then make it an everyday habit for the rest of our days.

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