Here I grow

Mustard seed I be,

underneath this cold ground,

I just want to be found.

Where is the light?

To see it, I fight.


Yesterday: hard, hard ground. I pushed up.

Today: moisture above my head. I lift up.

Almost to the top. I can feel the warmth.

The pulling heat calling me forth.

Out of this darkness I will rise.


Tomorrow: arriving up out of the earth!

Here I birth!

Arms reached out I grasped the sunshine.

There, the warmth that called me.

It smiled and I finally see…

My struggles were worth seeing above the cold ground.


It rains and I hurt from the drops on my head,

I shiver from the cold touching my naked skin.

I cannot run. I waver in the wind and slept with worry.

I wake and see that I have grown! Overnight!

And the sun shines, again.

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