Shutting the Door on Sin

Are you struggling with sinful thoughts? The temptation to do something you shouldn’t do?

You’re not alone. I am rich in sin. It’s something I am not proud of but the victory of overcoming it is glorious, but it is mentally and physically difficult. Draining.

Sin comes in a soft whisper, a caressing light breeze against your ear, murmuring something that gets your attention. Maybe it knows your secret crush’s name. Maybe it reveals the skeletons in your closet. Or maybe it encourages you to do something you fear because you know if you walk across that threshold it’ll be painful to return…but why would it be difficult, the voice whispers. Your family loves you. Your friends love you. God claims to love you. It wouldn’t be hard at all to return… they should accept you. It whispers the same lies it whispered to Eve and all you can see are the pros of doing that one thing you can’t remember why you shouldn’t do.

As a teenager, I was exposed to romance books with explicit sexual scenes. I was not prepared for it and it filled my mind. I thought about it all the time. During that period, I was not with God and I knew I was having unclean thoughts or at least thoughts I would not share with anyone. When I was united with God in His love, I was tormented by imageries that flashed through my mind. Innocent remarks would trigger dark things in my mind and send me reeling into unending darkness.

The guilt ate me up. I was proclaiming to be of Christ but inside I was covered in sin and shame; I was a hypocrite. Preaching the word of God and testifying when I couldn’t control my thoughts.

So, how did I combat Satan’s lies, his voice that whispered things I wanted to forget?

I found strength in Genesis 4:7.

If I do what is right I will be accepted and will not have to worry about being found (about my dirty thoughts :o). Doing right is shutting the door on sin.

Sin is always ready to devour you and me. It desires to have us. This verse reminded me of that fact. But what really stood out to me is the last portion of the verse “but you must rule over it.” This tells me I am greater than sin, I can rule over. All I have to do is keep the door closed on sin. Sometimes sin knocks and I hear it, I see it and I am mesmerized by it but I remember that I MUST shut the door on sin. Shut the door while you still have the strength; do not entertain sin’s lies.

When I shut the door on sin, it still calls, trying to pry the door open. During these times, I think about something else. I repeat the Lord’s name over and over. I sing praises to Him. This brings me to another saying that is exactly what I do, but did not know how to formulate the words:

Fill your mind with God’s Word and you will have no room for Satan’s lies.

When you are filled with God’s truth, lies cannot move you and you will not falter in the face of lies.

That’s how I beat sin out of my head… until sin blasted my door open one morning while I walked to catch a bus to my college class. No matter what I did I couldn’t shake the unclean images. It shook me. My body was in pain, my mind was screaming. I stopped walking and cried out “God.” No other words; Just “God.” And Bam! My mind was quiet and peace settled in. My thoughts were clean as if sin never came in. That’s the wonder of our God. Just one desperate cry and everything is taken care of. Wiped clean.

I’ve never forgotten how God helped me when I couldn’t fight sin disturbing my happiness, my peace. He lifted me out of my misery when I was helpless against the thoughts in my mind. What other name can drive out sin? 🙂 No other name but God!

I hope my story gives you the strength to fight against the sin in your life. Maybe it’s keeping your words and walking away from someone who has greatly upset you. Maybe it’s keeping your anger in check. Whatever you are dealing with, know that you are greater than it, and when you are not, God, your Father and creator, is greater and will protect you and give you the strength to overcome it.

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